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This mod requires ModLoader and AudioMod installed.
(So grab those from Risugami's thread if you don't have them yet)

Detailed recipes information is available inside "recipes.txt" file that come with mod. Be sure to read it! For those who don't want to deal with text-made recipes, here are some pictures!

Stone-made pistol and its reloading:
Posted Image
Posted Image
Iron flintlock and its reloading:
Posted Image... Read more / Download >
Views: 3883 | Date: 07.02.2012 | Comments (2)

Posted Image


- Dungeon Rewards are now hidden in TooManyItems by default. However, if people would like to spawn them for any reason, you can now disable the hiding code for the rewards by changing "TMIhidden = true" to "TMIhidden = false" in mod_Aether.cfg file. This file can be found in your /.minecraft/config/ folder. DO NOT change "#TMIhidden (boolean:true)" as this will not actually affect the config file, and immediately resets upon opening Minecraft. Instead, change "TMIhidden = true".

- Completely restructured Sound files for the Aether.

- When riding a saddled Moa, a "Jump Meter" will now appear above your Armour defense. This Jump Meter will show you the amount of mid-air jumps your Moa can perform, and also how many are left before it can no longer jump. Thanks to Penumber for the idea.

Posted Image
<... Read more / Download >
Views: 781 | Date: 06.02.2012 | Comments (1)

Hi,Minecraft player Today i come with a mod of Minecraft again.This name is Rei Minimap.First, I ask you at least. Are you tired of having to do with how far it is not you tired of me when you find a place that is not found. If you encounter this problem, I read it because this mod will create a small mapthat we use in game friends and convenient to play. And another that maps to identify the characteristics of different parts of that place with the West and the physical characteristics such as sand, it will be yellow. The tree is green and bla bla.And iw ill show you some picture. 

Rei’s Minimap Mod v.2.8 Changelogs 

Working with Minecraft 1.0.0 
Labels on large map 
Added Entity Radar and Zoomable Large Map 

How to Install REI’s Minimap Mod for Minecraft 1.0.0 

Install Modloader (always first) 
Download the Mod 
Click run and type %appdata% and go .Minecraft folder 
Open the bin file and click Minecraft.jar open it with .rar 
Copy file from Mod .rar and paste in to Minecraft.jar 
Deleate Meta-inf if you haven’t do it yet 
Views: 1708 | Date: 13.12.2011 | Comments (0)

Smart Moving (Mods)

Feature: Free Climbing

This mod implements an optional mode of free climbing behaviour. When enabled by configuration or by default you can climb everywhere you find at least a block sized horizontal edge.

To climb up you have to move forward toward the edge (default "W") and click and hold the grab button (default "LCONTROL").
To climb down... Read more / Download >
Views: 801 | Date: 09.12.2011 | Comments (0)

The image above might not look like much, but what you’re observing there is a new ‘grass eating’ animation, which a sheared sheep will do. Why? Because minecraft sheep will now ‘eat’ grass and regrow their wool. This means that you’ll no longer be left with sheep that are for all intents and purposes useless once they’ve been sheared.

Click here to read more and learn about minecraft sheep farming!

... Read more / Download >

Views: 700 | Date: 09.12.2011 | Comments (0)

Builders (Mods)
Posted Image

>>>>>>>>>Regular Builders<<<<<<<<<<<
~~~~~These builders can build all structures except "Single Block" and "Small Shop", unless instructed via paper/sign. These are the only builders that can be told what to build via right-clicking with a paper or sign. These builders will build nearly all blueprints in the Builders/SinglePrints folder.~~~~

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
... Read more / Download >
Views: 478 | Date: 06.12.2011 | Comments (1)

Water Shader (Mods)
Posted Image

Note about 1.0.0: I am right now very busy with university. Since i figured out MCP was already released, but i have an exam on thuesday, i hope to find time to update on wednesday. Sorry for being so slow, but the release of this mod was during my holiday and there was a lot more time. :)

The current version is just quickly updated to 1.8.1 without any new features. If you run into any menu display errors, use fancy graphics.

It does not work 100% correctly with the new light engine yet. Therefore ice and water colors during different lighting conditions will not be displayed correctly.

Alpha v4c is a hotfix to v4 which changes back waterfalls to something closer to v3. In addition there are new settings inside the config based on your feedback (specially fixing the red tone when using some texture packs). 
A basic anti aliasing was added which can be added through the config (I anticipate that somebody would want mipmaps instead of linear interpolation, if so, I will put it on my list).
... Read more / Download >
Views: 1171 | Date: 28.11.2011 | Comments (0)

Seasons Mod (Mods)

Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Now on Minecraft! Minecraft 1.7.3---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is the Seasons Mod. A mod that adds the four seasons to Minecraft, each one with its own features(and danger!)The first version is just the basic stuff! Other things are being planned, like seasonal mobs and plants!
(The mod is almost entirely configurable. If you don't like one feature, it's likely you can disable it on the config file!)
Feedback will be nice! :D-------------------... Read more / Download >
Views: 761 | Date: 28.11.2011 | Comments (0)

Installation instructions Read very carefully!
Video instructions for Mac OS X, courtesy of DrRedstoner:

Open up your Minecraft folder. On Windows, type "%appdata%\.minecraft" into a run dialog box. On Mac, the folder is "Library/Application Support/minecraft". On other systems, it's ".minecraft" in your home directory.
... Read more / Download >
Views: 942 | Date: 28.11.2011 | Comments (0)

Xie's Farming Mod v1.4 for Minecraft Beta 1.6.5 
(As far as I know, this mod is compatible with Minecraft Beta 1.6.6)

About the Mod
This mod expands on farming a little by making pumpkins and flowers growable, and adding fruit trees and new crops. Here's a demo vid by Xenoph showing off some of the new content (note that video was made for v1.0).

And here's a more recent (v1.2) vid made by Fsmunro! Cheers again.

And more recent still (v1.3), compliments of MisterMinecraftable:

Common seeds are gained by tilling the ground around the plant you're after - till the grass near a pumpkin to get pumpkin seeds, for example. There is a small chance of getting random seeds from tilling the grass anywhere (better chance with a diamond hoe). Eating watermelons will also sometimes give you watermelon seeds. Common seeds include pumpkin, watermelon, red and yellow seeds.
Views: 1321 | Date: 26.11.2011 | Comments (0)

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