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it is really easy.
Views: 781 | Date: 06.02.2012 | Comments (1)

Food is important in Minecraft, your hunger bar can send you into oblivion before any creeper does if you don’t take care to keep yourself well fed. This guide to minecraft foods will help you create your very own minecraft menus and food strategies.

We’ll start with the so called staple of life: bread.

How To Bake Minecraft Bread

Baking bread in Minecraft is very easy, you’ll just need three bundles of wheat (grown from seeds dropped when long grass is destroyed) and a workbench. No oven or baking needed! Place three bundles of wheat horizontally across the crafting grid and you’ll have a loaf of bread. Of course, making bread requires growing wheat, which can take a fair amount of time if you don’t have acess to bonemeal. (Bonemeal being the product of placing a bone in your crafting grid.) You should have all the bonemeal you need if you play on easy difficulty or above however.

Bread provides three notches on your hunger bar. Keep this in mind.

The other thing to keep in mind when making bread is that you may very well be wasting your meat. It takes three bundles of wheat to make a single loaf of bread, but two bundles of wheat fed to a cow or pig or sheep (or chicken, for that matter) will cause the two animals to breed. It’s ver... Read more / Download >

Views: 654 | Date: 03.02.2012 | Comments (0)

When Minecraft 1.0 was released there was much consternation that the fast paced development that had characterized the game throughout Alpha and Beta might grind to a halt. However Mojang has yet again proved that the trust of its customers is well placed with a 1.1 release under their belt and a 1.2 release on the horizon. At this stage the main features are jungle biomes, sweeping dense swathes of wood and foliage that tower into the skies, dwarfing everything we've seen in Minecraft to date, and wolf puppies, which are just about the most adorable things I've ever seen.

Jungle Biomes

Jungle biomes are breathtaking. There is a new kind of tree, a tiger striped jungle tree that grows far larger than any other type of tree and forms a canopy in sufficient numbers. Jungle trees provide far more wood than ordinary trees because their trunks are much thicker, being made of four square blocks rather than a single tower.

Other changes coming for 1.2 include climbable vines that make it possible to scale large distances with ease and style. In other words, you can now climb trees quite naturally, indeed the screenshot at the head of this article was taken after climbing a large tree's naturally occuring vine ladders.

... Read more / Download >

Views: 1324 | Date: 03.02.2012 | Comments (1)

A simple idea engineered (or at least recently shared) by Silverton13 of /r/Minecraft, this button operated fridge comes complete with a dispenser ready to shoot you full of foody goodness.

Views: 945 | Date: 06.12.2011 | Comments (0)

Part One

You might be wondering how it is that all these modders manage to create chunks of island floating in space.SkyBlock, one of the most popular minecraft survival maps of all time, is little more than a few blocks of dirt, a little bit of sand and a tree. But it's difficult to generate a minecraft island floating in the void – or is it? This two part series shows you how to use simple, free tools to create your very own minecraft survival maps.

I use ... Read more / Download >

Views: 2069 | Date: 15.11.2011 | Comments (0)

Minecraft 1.9 Pre Release 5 is the last release before the final release comes out on the 18th of November, 2011. With the feature freeze in full effect, there's not much 'new' in Minecraft 1.9 Pre Release 5. What there are is a host of little bug fixes, minor changes and most importantly FPS optimization. Some players are reporting jumps in Minecraft performance of up to 40 frames per second, so if you've been able to fry eggs on your computer case when playing the other pre-releases, I'd advise installing this one.

Here's a few other useful changes that might convince you to install this Minecraft pre-release:

Eyes of Ender now point in the right direction. Ender Eyes took some getting used to, especially when you realized you had to pick them up and throw them over and over to find a stronghold like some sort of mad failed boomerang champion. You'll still have to throw your eye all over the place to find a portal to the End, but on the bright side the Eye will no longer point you to a stairwell in a stronghold and then sit there smugly whilst you stumble around trying to find your way into the portal room.

... Read more / Download >

Views: 759 | Date: 05.11.2011 | Comments (1)

Views: 2756 | Date: 18.06.2011 | Comments (3)

Posted Image
Always wanted yourself a working skin, that anyone on your server can see? Tried Mineshafter, but releazed that it's too hard for you? 
So here's the answer for you! Code your own SUPER-EASY mod for Minecraft, that allows you and your friends upload own skin to site you want!

Download for SGTMine server uploader Beta (1.6.6): Windows and Linux (WOW! Already 25 users!?)
Your friend must have the mod to see your skin!

How to get:
Lazy way (without coding):
1. Download mod.
2. Go to %appdata%\.minecraft\bin
3. Open minecraft.jar with WinRAR or similar program.
4. Delete META-INF folder
5. Move downloaded .class files to minecraft.jar
(Next stages are about installing a skin for yourself)
6. Go to Official Denikson's SkinUpload Mod's Page
(Changing to english support soon, sorry :))
7. Click Register button and enter:
- Minecraft name that you use (it will be your login to this page)
- Password
- Password confirm
7.1 Click "Rekisteröity" (Register) button.
8. When new page appear with text "Login Sucsess", click "Kirjaudu sisään" (Login) link.
9. Enter your username and password and click "Kirjaudu sisään" button.
10. After you logged in, page will take you to SkinUpload.
11. Ignore text and click "Browse" at the "Tiedoston nimi" (Skin directory) field.
12. Locate your skin and click "Lähetä" (Send) button.
13. Page will change and some text will be added at the bottom. Ignore it.
14. Go to Minecraft and test.

Coders way (SUPER-EASY):
1. Setup MCP. Instruction for that you can find at their page: http://mcp.ocean-lab...x.php/Main_Page
Decompiling tutorial you will find in MCP when you download it and run decompile.bat
2. Setup your own website. For example at www.azok.org
3. Get Eclipse IDE for Java EE developers ... Read more / Download >
Views: 2275 | Date: 11.06.2011 | Comments (0)

Skin Cracked (Text)
all you got to get is:

*A gmail account 

*An unpaid minecraft account

*A special launcher that you can download on mineshafts website 

go to this page: http://mineshafter.appspot.com/ 

login using your gmail account 

click on settings 

change username to yours

download a skin: http://www.minecraftskins.com/

click upload file and choose your skin

then go to downloads: http://mineshafter.a...t.com/downloads and download the client proxy and the launcher proxy

then just start minecraft using the launcher and login with your unpaid minecraft account 

and your done .
Views: 1071 | Date: 10.06.2011 | Comments (15)