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Home » 2012 » April » 17 » Secret of the Nether (Adventure)
Secret of the Nether (Adventure)

There aren’t many minecraft adventure maps that begin by politely requesting that you immolate yourself, but 

this is one of them. Secret of the Nether should probably be retitled

 ‘How The Heck Are You Supposed To Get To The Nether’ though, as very little of the map is actually set there.

There’s a little bit of prison breaking, a fair bit of puzzle solving and more than usual wondering whether you’ve somehow

 wandered off the path only to discover that you’ve done no such thing. Some of the notes are mislabeled, which adds to the fun, but it’s nothing you can’t work out with a little bit of applied logic.

Don't cheat or use any clients which could help you.
you can destroy wool only.
you can place stuff you get from chests.
Difficulty has to be at least on easy.


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Category: Maps | Views: 1713 | Added by: fearas38 | Tags: SECRET OF THE NETHER | Rating: 3.0/4
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It is best maP!!

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