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Home » 2012 » April » 8 » Mystic Dragons
Mystic Dragons


Posted Image
The Speed Dragon 
health: low
attack: low
favorite food: this dragon is special, right click with an empty hand to pet it :P
spawn area: surface world
taming material: empty hand

Posted Image
The Earth Dragon(greeny)
health: high
attack: low
favorite food: bread
spawn area: surface world
taming material: seeds

Posted Image
The Water Dragon(bluey)
health: medium
attack: medium
favorite food: raw fish
spawn area: surface world
taming material: water crystals

Posted Image
The Fire Dragon(firey)
health: low
attack: high
favorite food: raw porkchop
spawn area: nether
taming material: raw porkchop

Posted Image
Fire Dragon Second Stage(flamy)
health: low + 2
attack: high + 2
favorite food: raw porkchop
spawn area: none, you have to level up your little fire dragon to 15 and then they will evolve
taming material: raw porkchop
special abilities: can lay eggs, right click with an empty hand to ride it.


Dragon Command Book (you use this to right click dragons and then give them commands):
Posted Image
Water Crystal(used for taming water dragons):
put a bucket of water in a furnace.

Level System Guide:

Since v1.2, you will find an extra button at the right bottom corner of the dragon training panel, that opens the dragon leveling system where you can add skill points to your dragon and view the exp points and your dragon levels. Your dragons earn exp by killing mobs (set them to fight states). Currently zombie = 10 exp, skeleton = 20 exp, creeper = 30 exp, each attack of your dragon will also give them 1exp. You can earn exp by feeding them food as well. Every time your dragon level up, they will gain 3 skill points which you can add them to health points, attack points and speed points :P

Pro tip: it's best to add attack points to fire dragons because their attack will increase 3x more than other dragons. Same applies to health and earth dragons. Good luck training dragons .

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I got this mod and its awesome tongue but when i evolved ruby my fire dragon she glitched OUT!!! cry i went into the skin files and it looks totally WRONG! whats up with that!?!? wacko

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