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Reptile (Version 1.9)
15.04.2016, 21:33


If you love reptiles, then you will be a little disappointed by Minecraft, as it doesn’t really include those that you always wanted. With the Reptile mod Minecraft you can solve the issue by adding in around a dozen interesting, great looking reptiles that offer a lot of value to the entire experience as a whole.

Inside the Reptile mod 1.9 you can find no less than 3 crocodile types, 3 turtle types as well as 6 giant monitors, 3 small lizards and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. The best thing about the Reptile mod Minecraft however comes from the fact that many of these come in a baby form, so you can tame them if you want and the results will be really good.

At the same time, these Reptile mod 1.9 reptiles will be able to grow and thus it will be quite interesting to approach them, as the entire experience is nice and truly refined all the time. They will also be a great addition to the world as a whole, because let’s face it, the Reptile mod Minecraft does an amazing job when it comes to offering a fun, refined and extraordinary experience as a whole.

Most of these cool reptiles can be tamed and made friendly, but the entire experience does require a lot of focus and attention from your side, however the results can be quite amazing if you engage into this. You can feed them with raw pork most of the time, but you can also cook that so you can breed these animals and maybe create your own reptile farm.


To be honest, the possibilities are limitless here, it all comes down to the entire experience that you have and the entire outcome is really amazing all the time. You can use the Reptile mod in order to convert pork into beef and leather, which does offer quite a lot of great and interesting ideas on its own. You can craft amazing items and that on its own manages to bring in front amazing value which is stunning.

The more time you invest in the Reptile, the more you will like how interesting the entire approach really is, and at the same time you will appreciate the great experience that you can acquire here.


With the Reptile mod Minecraft, adding in new reptiles in the game is not only very interesting, it’s also a whole bunch of fun, so if you like the idea of exploring all biomes and have interesting, cool reptiles, adding it in your mod stash is a very important thing to do.

So, don’t hesitate and  give the Reptile mod 1.8 a shot, this is the best way to add in those reptiles you always wanted, you will love the game for sure if you add such a thing.


 which might be used to craft certain goods. Some of these reptiles are hostile and will attack on sight, making it a bad idea to approach them. The larger reptiles will kill and eat cows, sheep, pigs and even the player, and they drop leather and beef of all things – there is no special lizard meat implemented here.


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