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Home » 2012 » March » 27 » Faraway Avalon Sky Island
Faraway Avalon Sky Island

:Orange: :Orange: :Orange: Intro :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: 
One day, after a long day of adventuring, you went to sleep in the safety of your home. When you woke up, you found that you were not in your house, but on an island. A flying island with a castle on it, but no other people. Your food supplies on the island are low, with a single cow and pig being the only other living creatures on the island, and a strange force seems to keep you from digging up anything on the island. You set out to restart your life on this strange island, and perhaps one day find your way back to your old home...

:Blue: :Blue: :Blue: Description :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: 
This is a survival map where the world is a single floating island with a large castle on it. Several chests with items required to survive and complete challenges can be found scattered around. This map isn't meant to be one of those super hard maps such as skyblock survival, but meant to be a different survival experience. Currently, as it is a WIP, there is very little to do as far as building due to the other islands that are planned not being in the map yet, so the only real thing to do is explore and complete challenges (and expand the castle, if you wish)

:Red: :Red: :Red: Rules :Red: :Red: :Red: 
1.You cannot mine the castle walls or any stone outside the quarry. You can, however, dig up the topsoil if you wish.
2.No spawning items(duh)
3.If you craft any redstone powering mechanisms (EX:redstone torches, buttons) You cannot use them to open the Forge door. You can only use the lever hidden on the map to open it.
4.You can do whatever you want to the smaller islands, even destroy them completely if you'd like
5.Have fun!

:Teal: :Teal: :Teal: Challenges :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: 
1.Start a tree farm
2.Start a wheat farm
3.Start a melon farm
4.Start a pumpkin farm
5.Mine every block in the Quarry basement (only stone and ores can be mined, not bricks)
6.Legitimatly gain entrance to the Forge
7.Start a sugarcane farm
8.Start a cactus farm
9.Find the cave (No, its not the quarry )
10.Make a cobble generator
11.Make a pig farm
12.Make a chicken farm
13.Make a cow farm
14.Tame a wolf
15.Craft a bed
16.Craft a Brewing stand
17.Craft an Enchanting table
18.Acquire 10 wool of every kind
19.Acquire 3 stacks of stone bricks
20.Grow a giant mushroom of each type
21.Explore the entire island outside the castle without dying
22.Try and fail to escape the island
23.Build a house on another island24.Monster-proof the island
25.Conquer both other islands
26.Repair the bridge to the ruined island
27.Find your way into the mage's basement
28.Make a skeleton grinder

:Green: :Green: :Green: Things to come :Green: :Green: :Green:
-Nether :D
-Access to the mage tower basement
-More islands
-More secret places
Sometime in the future:
-The End
-Improved Aesthetics 
-Possibly a second mine

:Violet: :Violet: :Violet: Screenshots :Violet: :Violet: :Violet:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

:Yellow: :Yellow: :Yellow: Download :Yellow: :Yellow: :Yellow: 
Updated: added 2 smaller islands, made it possible to get to a chest which it was previously impossible to get to and get out of alive, added a basement to the tower of the magi, added stuff in the two empty towers 
Category: Maps | Views: 3693 | Added by: fearas38 | Rating: 5.0/3
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