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Home » 2012 » March » 9 » Cart Mod
Cart Mod

The Cart Mod gives you the ability to have pull-carts that you can place either a Chest, Workbench, Furnace or Dispenser into then pull (and even push) with you wherever you go, without tracks, and use them even while pulling them!

Storage-Cart (Pull-Cart + Single Chest )
Crafting-Cart (Pull-Cart + Workbench)
Smelting-Cart (Pull-Cart + Furnace)
Dispensing-Cart (Pull-Cart + Dispenser)

How to Use

After crafting a Cart, using the Crafting Recipe chart, you can then further customize a Cart into aStorageCrafting or Smelting Cart. This is not a crafting recipe but is instead done in-game directly. Select a Chest, Workbench or Furnace in your inventory then [ Right-Click ] the Cart you wish to put it into; Done!

Now you can grab the pull-cart with your gloves selected, [ Right-Click ] Cart, and it will follow you everywhere it can (Time to start building double doors Posted Image), not into the nether though, at least not yet. You do not need to keep the gloves selected to keep pulling, you can select and use anything else at the same time you are pulling the Cart. Even access the Chest while pulling! (So long as you have unselected the gloves first)

It will go up and down hills or stairs with you and even into & out of water. To stop it following you just [Right-Click] the cart again with your gloves selected. When it is loose you can push it if you want, and so can mobs. (Actually, both you and mobs can still push/nudge the cart even while it's "connected" to you)

So long as your gloves are no longer selected you can open the chest even while pulling it and move items around or take them out or place them in it. This doubles your carry capacity while running around getting things done!

This is also a way by which you can keep all or a needed amount of your supplies mobile or transferable in ways that Minecart Chests never could. You could even set up cart-bays in your warehouse to store and organize them in, moving them at will whenever your needs change.

* Even more exciting is that I have found that these pull-carts work perfectly with the Zeppelin Mod! You can pull a bunch of filled pull-cart chests onto your Zeppelin and fly them to wherever you wish then unload them at your destination. Posted Image No need to wait until you've finished building an expensive rail track out to timbiktu. Posted Image

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