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Sewer (Survival Map) V 1.3.2
09.04.2016, 11:02

Inspired by Cake Defense, I have made something similar, using the advantage of mob spawn-able dispensers. There are a total of 99 waves. As you progress, the waves will become more stronger. Each 10 waves, the spawning time is different, in other words, MORE mobs! In addition, every 5 waves 1-4 doors will open, depending on how many players are currently in the game. If you were perhaps a knight and your friend was a Chef, The Knight and Chef door will open. Which will give you random goodies like enhancement table, armor, bow, and ect. To start the wave, you must push the button placed on the golden block, which will play a "ding-dong" sound. Mobs will start pouring down from the golden pipes above. The goal currently is to go to wave 99!!!(IMPOSSIBLE!!!)

There are Currently 4 Characters in this map: 
High defense
Medium power
Medium Defense
High power
Unlimited Arrows
Low defense
flint and steel
brewing stand
enhancement tables
crafting table
low defense
low power

No hacking
Place only given blocks
May not use placed blocks as defense
You may only choose one class
You may share items
Up to 4 Players
you ARE allowed to DIE!
Every 5 waves, gives you items!
you CAN climb vines

What the Arena Looks like


Random Items

Archer's Room

The 4 Classes

Button to start the wave

Golden Pipes

Other golden pipe

Wave 5

Only Archer's Class opens since there is only 1 person playing

Some circuitry

Category: Maps | Added by: fearas38
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