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Health Bar (Version 1.9)
15.04.2016, 21:23


Health Bar Mod is an useful mod that can help the Minecrafters modify their health. However, this mod can be a bit annoying Minecraft doesn’t display your hearts correctly (this happens often after crossing dimensions). The hearts can also be a bit small on high resolution displays, so I lose track of my health very easily. So here’s a health bar mod that pops up when you are hurt, and gets out of your face after you have healed. It will always display your correct health, even if a mod has modified it. Of course, it’s highly configurable. Adjust the size of the bar and text independently, or get rid of them entirely. You can even make the bar display when you are not hurt, if you want to. The bar also begins shaking as your health gets low, giving you an additional warning that you might want to run for it. This can be tweaked or disabled entirely.



Category: Mods | Added by: fearas38
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