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Forum » Minecraft Forum » Servers » Canadiankillercraft PvP towny/factions Survival [1.0.0]
Canadiankillercraft PvP towny/factions Survival [1.0.0]
FeilasDate: Friday, 09.12.2011, 16:32 | Message # 1
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We are 1.0.0 now!
This server is a Rpg/survival server and we focus mainly to keep the feeling of survival going. We have factions which are more outcast and barbaric and then we have towns which are organized civilizations. With factions constantly fighting each other and towns and then towns defending themselves so the main point of this server. Read more below about the role of factions and towns.

Owners: thecanadian and willkiller1234

Admin: frazzguy (still looking for more for when the server gets more busy)

Moderator: none (could be you)

Donators: None

Current Wars: None

Rules for server:
1) Respect ALL staff.
2) Griefing, raiding, and stealing is allowed.
3) No hacks or cheats. You will be kicked on first offense. Second offense you will be banned for a week, and third offense is permanent ban.
4) Build far from the spawn
5) If you receive any items from staff your inventory will immediately be cleared. (Yes, that means you don't get anything back.)
-There are some exceptions to this rule
6) Having an admin or owner world edit cost in-game money(bankroll).
7) Just a heads up: putting TNT down will get you immediately kicked. (Didn't want you to be surprised)
8) Do not ask to be ranked higher, it is very annoying to have multiple people ask me a day. If you feel that thecanadian or willkiller1234 is never online when you are doing things that are very helpful let me know in a private message when either of us are online or on kingsofminecraft.com.
9) If mayors of admins are abusing their powers immediately let thecanadian or willkiller1234 know and we will deal with the problem.

Staff rules: Admin
1) Do not abuse any powers.
2) In a war do not use god mode or use ANY spawned items.
3) Do not world edit for free even, if you belong to a city or faction. If it is for someone besides you...it cost money!

Staff rules: Moderator
1) Make sure the server running properly.
2) Any problems to big for you to handle go to one of the owners or admin.
3) Keep the rpg/survival feeling of the server alive.

Rules for Factions:
1) Your goal is to attack, raid, and grief factions and cities. No peaceful factions... they ruin the point of factions.
2) Once you are kicked from a city you must make or join a faction.
3) There are unlimited factions that can be created.
4) You must have at least five people in your faction(including you) in order become a city.
5) Since there can only be four cities at a time: if your a faction wants to become a city then you must attack a city. Normally factions are smaller than cities so you can ally other factions and attack the city. Winning is when you destroy the city and claim all the land. Once you win, if you had two or more factions attacking, you must decide who will be the mayor of the city. To do this you can either vote and if that doesn't work fight for the title.
6) If your faction not active for around a week without notice it will be deleted, unless its has 5 plus people. Also, try to join Factions rather than creating one person faction and abandoning it.

Rules for Cities:
1) There is a mayor who is the leader of your city.
2) There can only be a mayor as the leader. There can't be a co-mayor or co-leader.
3) You can attack other cities and factions.
4) Cities must have a wall that surrounds everyone in the city.
5) The place where you want your city must be okay will both willkiller1234 and thecanadian
6) If there are four cities already and you want a fifth one but don't want to have to have a fight over it...
7) For a city you keep the faction you have but make a city also. They city/faction must have the same name. EX: Flyingwhales would become Flyingwhales Flyingwhales once it became a city. The only thing added to the faction once it becomes a city is that the town spawn is added to the area. DO NOT claim any land with towny only faction because the land will be able to be claimed by a faction without even killing you.

Current City's: NOPE and ElvenCity


Donation information: If you donate you will receive special benefits, however you can't keep these benefits forever. Your name will be posted on the forum that shows you are a donator.

Donator Benefits: Color to ingame name and ability to set more than one home. Cost 10$ per month. New benefits will only be added at the beginning of each month. Thanks
Forum » Minecraft Forum » Servers » Canadiankillercraft PvP towny/factions Survival [1.0.0]
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