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fearas38Date: Wednesday, 07.12.2011, 22:58 | Message # 1
Group: Ender Dragon (Admin)
Messages: 44
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Welcome to the "Official" LuxorCraft Thread

LuxorCraft is a Server based on Partial Survival and Partial Roleplay. I have remade it to a Thugs and Cops type of Server. That means that if you are a Thug you must find and make sugar cane and all types of other drugs so that the Cops won't put you in jail, and the Cops job is to catch Thugs redhanded with sugar cane and make a msg to me saying you found it or any other Mod and they will see who placed and edited it and you can have the pleasure of turning the drugs in and jailing the player.The plugins LuxorCraft uses are not custom made but are custom configured towards making your experience here at LuxorCraft a little bit more fun and not like those uptight Servers where they ban you for accidently excavating the wrong dirt pile, We take time with each and everyone of our plugins and also take our time with the players who are experiencing them and this means I want you(The Players) to give me feedback on how the plugins treat you in-game. I want an all out fun time here at LuxorCraft and nothing more :), If you wanna join the Ip is : Luxorcraft.zapto.org or
Forum » Minecraft Forum » Servers » [SURVIVAL][24/7] CREENCRAFT [1.0.0]
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