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MaximumCraft|40 Slots|1.2.5 [24/7]
fearas38Date: Sunday, 08.04.2012, 21:49 | Message # 1
Group: Ender Dragon (Admin)
Messages: 44
Status: Offline
Maximum-Craft present you the best minecraft experience that you will ever have! We contain many element that will introduce you into an awesome experence you will ever

Server IP:

Ventrilo Info:, Port: 4106

Read Below if you want to know more about us

Post what you think about this server!

Support us!

We Have:
- 24/7 Gameplay
- 24/7 Forum discussion
- Mature Admins
- Awesome Community System
- 20 + mod and Plugins to keep server into the best quality
- 25 Slots Ventrilo
- Anti Grief Plugins
- TPA System

Our server is a 24/7 No-Whitelist Dedicated Server, has minimal lag.

We are strict on the rules and run various protections including

1.No any sort of Client Cheats or Hacks.
- Using speedhacks, Xrays, flying, etc.

2. Do Not Grief other individual's creations

3. Respect every individuals in the server
Do Not disrespect other people/Admins

4. Do Not tend to impersonate any individuals.

5.Do not beg for admins/ranks.

6.Do not beg items from admins!

7.Do Not Spam chat in game

8.Don't cry about losing your items when you die

9.Flying is not allowed (unless you are authorized by the people with [Owner] tag)

10.Do not judge other individuals , or his/her Creations.

11. Do Not tend to steal any items from any individuals.

12. At night, You are not allowed to ask for day. (Admins will do a vote)

13. Creepers and TnTs explosion on block is disabled

14. Killing people with TnT is considered PvP , Not Allowed

15.Lava is restricted

16. Do Not Beg Admins to Change Game mode (Survival/Creative)

17. Do Not Spawn kill

Our staff monitor players when we believe a rule is being broken and give out the correct punishment that suspect deserves (Warn, Kick, Ban). Our staff is of a mature age, and will not hesitate to remove someone from the game if they are breaking rules or interrupting gameplay for others.

Rules! Read it
Forum » Minecraft Forum » Servers » MaximumCraft|40 Slots|1.2.5 [24/7]
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